Biker Leather Jackets

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Another early entry into the leather jacket category was the biker jacket. Made for Harley Davidson motorcycles, biker jackets are made to look cool but have design features that are very functional too. The zippers are asymmetrical, so a biker can lean forward without the zipper digging into the soft skin of the belly. There is a pocket high on the chest, usually at a stylish angle, for keys or wallets, as the early leather riding trousers were tight, stiff, and not well-suited to keeping things in the pockets. These jackets are meant to look tough – but they cannot do so alone. If you’re going to pull off a jacket like a tough guy – you can do it by keeping the clothing under it as classic and relaxed as the jacket itself. A pair of well-worn jeans. A t-shirt. Leather boots or understated trainers. Steer clear of bright colors, or anything you might see included on a ‘smart-casual’ dress code. 

We’re passionate about creating high-quality, handmade leather jackets that no one else will ever have. From classic black to vibrant red or lime green, we offer a range of biker leather jackets that will fit your style and look great on you. You can find your perfect match by clicking on each item and selecting from the wide range of colors we have for leather jackets.