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Call me naïve, but for no other reason, a good leather jacket is one of the few long-term affairs you’ll have in your fashion wardrobe. They are built to last, become more elegant as they age, and can be paired with more items than you’d might expect.

Taken as a synonym to power, rebels, and motorbikes –leather jacket is the divine menswear that’s wrapped with much attitude, raw masculinity, and legacy.Despite being taken as a token of defiantly styled. leather jackets are surprisingly versatile and classic.

Being one of the wardrobe essentials –leather jackets are the perfect layering piece. From Baby Boomers to millennials, and Gen Z – leather jacket are a must-have for fashion enthusiasts. This timeless fashion accessory has evolved over the years but its charisma still impacts whenever you wear it.

Today, the leather jacket is likely to be one of the most expensive add-ons to your wardrobe. We recommend not being a rebel without having a clue –but better to make a smart purchase. There are several types of leather jackets to understand in the first place. You have to pick the ones that suit better with your personality and styling preferences.

Let’s check out what the Master Jackets are offering to fulfill your leather layering needs.


Top Trending Leather Jackets for Men and Women

Classic Biker Jackets

One jacket to rule them all –the pioneer of leather wardrobe aka as the most iconic piece of all the time. This classic leather jacket range is for you if you’re looking for the gold standard vintage design.

The Master Jackets’ Biker jacket collection has been marked as the daredevil supreme in the trending leather jackets for fall 2022 designs. The high-end Biker Jackets collection by TMJ has managed to achieve the legit bold and stylishly cool rise in streetstyle fashion couture.


Bomber Jackets

A full-blown bomber jacket like Maverick has made many obsessed with it. The café racer giving those highway vibes –this TMJ leather jacket design brings back the detailing of its American counterparts.

It is more versatile and more lenient than others. With a hint of its fighter pilot attitude –the MTJ’s exclusive bomber jacket collection is perfect for the men who wants to make their own style statement with bolder, romantic looks. It’ll work across the majority of your wardrobe staples.


Black Leather Jackets

As flattering as they are, black leather jackets also have that military aesthetic without looking over the board. The stylish black leather finish makes it more high-fashion and less hardcore.

From casual streetstyle when paired with tees and chinos, to upscale look while layering it as a blazer and paired up with collared shirt and loafers –the TMJ black leather jackets are ultra-trendy for the upcoming season.

Adding a black leather jacket to your style wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. The Master Jackets timeless black leather collection is a premium range that’ll last a lifetime without costing you a fortune. With years, it’ll gain character the more you wear it.


Brown Leather Jackets

Crafted from premium quality leather, the Master Jackets offer a trim-fit and streamlined range of brown leather jackets to suit your styling needs. The silver zipper designs and a fully lined comfort from inside with interior zip pockets –the brown leather jacket range is dramatic, bold, and romantic at the same time.


Leather Blazers and Coats

A good matrix-inspired leather blazer look will always turn heads when you accessorize it with just about anything. In fact, a leather blazer is the super easy way to toughen up any casual dressing and gives a stealthy evening look. The edge you’d need to stand out as the weather is getting cooler, you can try layering it with turtlenecks. As a matter of fact, you can always rely on your leather blazer and coat to heighten up ‘boring’ staples.

If you are considering the idea of a leather blazer or coat for the upcoming fall season, invest in one that guarantees the quality and timeless design. At TMJ, we have the best leather trench, William tan, bronze black, and timber brown iterations to opt for. Trust us! You’d never go wrong with any one of these.

While leather coats and blazers are a rite of passage in 2022, by opting for something from the Master Jackets, you can guarantee longevity.


Suede Leather Jackets

The Suede leather jackets collection by the Master Jackets is the ultimate symbol of finesse. With the luxurious texture and durable design –it exudes charm and refined look with its urbane tailoring and earthy tones.

Suede leather jackets by TMJ are the best investment to play-up your smart casual styling. With an outerwear staple that is both comfortable and chic, you’d create an infectiously dapper appeal.

We’ve crafted a fabulous collection of 5 timeless trends to rock in men’s suede jackets. Opt from our black, brown, alpha, tan, and burnt orange designs in different styles to amplify your comfort, luxury, and aesthetic appeal.


Hooded Leather Jackets

The quintessentially hooded leather jacket designs are best for the minimalists to cut-down the layering. The Master Jackets for hooded design features angled chest pocket with a press-stud and zipper closure to keep the wind out and tonal-waisted belt.

The craftsmanship of this style lies in its versatility. There aren’t the ones that can be successfully paired with effortless chic, but a hooded leather jacket by TMJ looks good over almost everything.


There you have it! The best men’s leather jackets and women’s leather jacket trends for 2022 have an uncanny kind of supremacy. Shop your style for the upcoming fall and winter months. The TMJ collections have managed to evoke cool confidence, dynamism, romance, boldness, and style –all at the same time.

Need to upgrade your fall/winter wardrobe? We’ve selected the latest and greatest leather jacket designs for men and women. The seasonal trend that lasts longer than usual. From leather blazers, bombers, bikers, truckers, to suede that can fit any type of the occasion – The Master Jackets hits on a variety of forms and variations.